Wednesday, November 7, 2007

FREE Ebook - Miss Humbug

Miss Humbug is a short story about power executive, Elaina Houston, who wants nothing to do with Christmas. Instead, Elaina consumes herself with work in order to block out the pain of a tragic event that occurred on a Christmas Eve 12 years ago.

Then one cold December night, everything changes, and unless Elaina learns to open her heart and capture the true Spirit of Christmas, she will not live to see another December 25th.

My Review of Miss Humbug:

I have nothing but nice things to say about this FREE 55-page PDF ebook written by Marnie Pehrson. The story is engaging. The plot is cleverly written. The characters are interesting, likeable, and easy to relate to. It's a little bit of mystery, a touch of romance, and a life-changing lesson all bundled together into a story that only takes about an hour to read.

When I was a child, Christmas was a magical time of year. I have so many fond memories of Christmas during my childhood years...baking cookies with my mom, going to the Christmas display at Dayton's in downtown Minneapolis with my grandma, and watching the Christmas specials on TV with my family.

Then I grew up and everything changed. Christmas went from magical to stressful and I began to dread the holiday season. While Elaina's reason for disliking Christmas is different than mine, I could definitely relate to her anti-Christmas Spirit.

Miss Humbug is a heart-warming story with an important message that all of us need to hear...and that is that we need to once again capture the true Spirit of Christmas. It's not about extravagant gifts, holiday parties or sparkling decorations. The true Spirit of Christmas is about love, laughter, family, peace, unity, warmth, generosity, forgiveness and kindness!

Download your free copy at And may the true Spirit of Christmas be with you and your loved ones this holiday season!

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